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10th July 2014 – The View from Docklands – The Tigers Stay Active While Russian Bears Hibernate

We haven't discussed our favourite small miner Tigers Realm Coal (TIG) for quite a while now. With coking coal prices still struggling and the Ukraine issue front of mind, we thought we'd let the TIG go into investment hibernation until things settled down before bringing the name up again. That time has now come with news slowly heading in the right direction, certainly on the Ukraine front but there are also some small positive signs with respect to what we might expect for met coal prices going forward. TIG is one of the very few small resource companies that have been able to raise money over the last year or so ($82m between Feb 2013 and Feb 2014), in a time where the small resource names have been completely unloved with some forced to put projects on care and maintenance until the market perceives improvement and funding flows back to the sector. Some like United Uranium (UUL), which we wrote about last month, are changing company direction entirely and, in UUL's case, turning into a property development company. (surely the sign of the sector close to bottom)