Andrew Robb – revolutionary! – 26 November, 2014

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In case you missed it, Australia has undergone a revolution.

In less than a year it has signed trade agreements with China, Japan and South Korea and set in train a similar agreement with India – and given the warmth exuded by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the G20, you would have to be optimistic about the progress of that.

There has been much talk and some action over the years about Australia being part of Asia: This network of agreements gives us a centrality that few could have envisaged even a few years ago.

As a result, while much of the developed world languishes in near-recession, Australia is poised for an era of export growth. Farmers and dairy producers are obvious beneficiaries of the China agreement, but the door has also opened considerably for our service providers and technology industries- in particular in the resources industry our METS, Mining Equipment and Technical Services. We are becoming preferred suppliers to an emerging (or in the case of Japan and Korea established) middle class numbering hundreds of millions.

These deals do not negate the need for fiscal and employment reform in Australia, but they offer prizes that make any pain of change immeasurably more rewarding

It is unlikely that Australian Trade Minister, Andrew Robb’s face will ever adorn as many student T-shirts as Che Guevara’s did, but his legacy to Australia’s youth will be infinitely more valuable.