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Some day someone will write a research paper on the role of conferences in improving our daily lives. It’s all part of that four letter word- communications!

Think of it. Big advances — step-change leaps in technology — will get media attention, but they are relatively rare. Far more progress comes from incremental improvements, often refinements of known techniques. How does this knowledge get spread so that the benefits are delivered to all? Conferences play a leading role.

Nowhere is this better illustrated than in mining. In an industry with largely global pricing for our output and rigorous safety and environmental obligations, keeping abreast of best practice becomes critical. Conference or perish is the new dictum.

We were thinking of this recently when preparing a paper for the forthcoming International Mine Management Conference which the AusIMM, in concert with fellow professional bodies in America and Africa, is hosting in Brisbane next month.
My fellow keynote speakers include many CEO’s of leading mining companies and the technical papers are from around the globe. Delegates are getting access to a lot of knowledge.

This conference is one of the best; a one-stop shop for accessing the latest thinking in our industry. I truly recommend it to anyone involved in mining.

Details are:

International Mine Management Conference
August 22-24 . Sofitel Brisbane.

Pricing: AusIMM member $1320|; Non-member $1870 |

If you’re not able to commit to three days out of the office you can get single day registration. Members $770, non members $990. Group discounts available.

Contact: Belinda Yasar
 The AusIMM
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