Gaining and Sustaining your Social Licence to Operate – 7 September 2016

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Noke PicNoke Kiroyan is Chief Executive Officer and Chief Consultant of PT Komunikasi Kinerja (Kiroyan Partners),
a Jakarta-based public affairs consulting company he established in 2006. Among his other current positions,
he is President Commissioner of mining logistics firm PT Bis industries (subsidiary of Bis Industries Limited
in Perth, Australia), Chairman of the Paris-based International Chamber of Commerce for Indonesia, and
Commissioner (Non-Executive Director) of gold-silver mining company Agnicourt Resources, a subsidiary of
EMR Capital in Melbourne, Australia.


Noke Kiroyan is a leader in the Indonesian mining industry. I have known him for many years. He held various senior positions with Rio Tinto and now with us at P.T. Agnicourt Resources – owner and operator of the world class Martabe gold and silver mine in North Sumatra. When it comes to gaining and sustaining your “Social Licence to Operate”, Noke has no peer.
He was approached by the international magazine, Communication Director, to write an article for the June edition on Social Licence to Operate. Here is the article.
Martabe is world-class in not just scale, efficiency, long life and oodles of upside; but also in its community engagement and social responsibility performance generally. Our 2015 Sustainability Report, “A Shared Future”, is a great model.

Owen Hegarty

September 2016